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So 6 days ago, I got the email!

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest Period is officially open!
Unfortunately, I am once again not at a stage where I can enter myself - maybe next year!!

For those that are interested, see below. (handily C&Pd from last year's blog...)

Update 23/1/12: ABNA is officially open to submissions as of today! Good luck to all those who are entering, tell us who you are and keep us posted on how you do in the competition!

Update: Just incase you needed any more encouragement/inspiration to try ABNA, check out this blog from the guys at OLL ABNA is coming!. Last year's ABNA young adult prize was won by a Wrimo!

What is ABNA?
Other than something I always think about doing, yet manage to forget about it until Amazon emails me about it every year, ABNA stands for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards

There are two grand prizes in these awards, one for General Fiction and one for Young Adult Fiction, and both merit the same reward:

Each winner will receive a publishing contract with Penguin, which includes a $15,000 advance.

Grand, First, Second and Third Place prizes

A lot of Wrimo's enter ABNA, because NaNo itself falls, very helpfully, just before the competition. It can help you iron out an old manuscript from previous years, or you may have written one this year that you think is worthy of being entered.

How it works
How the Contest Works.

First Round: Amazon editors will review a 300-word pitch of each entry. The top 1,000 entries in each category (2,000 total entries) will move on to the second round.

Second Round: The field will be narrowed to 250 entries in each category (500 total entries) by Amazon top customer reviewers from ratings of a 5,000 word excerpt.

Quarterfinals: Publishers Weekly reviewers will read the full manuscript of each quarterfinalist, and based on their review scores, the top 50 in each category (100 total entries) will move on to the semifinals.

Semifinals: Penguin USA editors will read the full manuscript and review all accompanying data for each semifinalist and will then select three finalists in each category (six total finalists).
Finals: Amazon customers will vote on the three finalists in each category resulting in two grand prize winners.

When is it?
The Submission dates for each category run from January 23, 2012 and run through February 5, 2012. But each category will close as soon as it reaches 5,000 submissions, so it may not stay open for that long.
Granted, this doesn't give you very long to get everything in order to submit, but where there's a will, there's a way.

How do I enter?
Please read This Page for all of the details on how to enter.

You can also find the Official contest rules here.

What else?

You can find other information, as well as helpful tips on crafting your pitch and what pitches past winners have used on the Amazon website at the ABNA page

Please make sure you read, double read and triple check all of the requirements you need before you send in your pitch and manuscript! If there is anything missing, I believe that's automatic disqualification. Your pitch will not be read, and  you will be knocked out in round one.


Is anyone from Literary Abandon going to enter ABNA?
NinjaWriter44 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The website has different submission dates than what you wrote here... That kinda confused me ._.

I'm thinking about trying this year! It surprises me that there are no comments here yet..
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